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03 February 2022 - Archivio

Ergonomics, cleaning and organization are three essential factors of any dental practice, none of these is less important than the others.

From this perspective avant system is a support composed of three specific modules that can be used together or separately to manage all operational activities in the clinic.

In this blog post you will discover how the revolutionary AVANT system can facilitate your daily work and gives greater benefits in terms of ergonomics, comfort and space.


Many of dental professionals suffer from several musculoskeletal pains due to posture they assume during the day. Ergonomics plays a big role in these cases, it improves work simplifying operational steps and reducing loads on the musculoskeletal system.

AVANT SYSTEM is the support that enhances your professionalism and the safety of your associates and patients. Thanks to the ideal height of the worktop and operational area, you will avoid bending and stretching, keeping proper posture of shoulders, neck and back, improving performance and protecting your health and well-being.

XO FLEX dental unit helps concentrating on operational area boosting treatment quality. It is designed to be safe, comfortable and aimed at helping patients to feel at ease.


Equipment and disposable products can increase the risk of surface contamination and more in your dental practice. Therefore, an integrated management of procedures is essential, from preparing all materials to their disposal or sterilization collection.

Thanks to AVANT, equipment and disposable products keep separate from each other before, during and after surgical operations:

  • the mobile tray flexdesk® follows your movements and instruments are always at hand
  • the lowered tubs drawer in the flexwall® is accessible while you are seated and keeps material protected from contamination


It is well known that an efficient dental practice organization goes through furniture and kits. That’s why cabinet and accessories coordinated with your working method make the work easier and more productive.
AVANT improves your performance and your daily operation using a method suited to clinical needs, all equipment is always at hand, following your movements to work better and more quickly.

Avant system is composed by 3 modules which can be used together or individually:

  1. flexdesk®, the Corian mobile tray
  2. flexclip®, the suction system integrated into the cabinet
  3. flexwall®, the Tubs drawer accessible even by seating

In this video, the official dealer of Dental Art and Xo Care Dietmar Menne explains how AVANT SYSTEM modules together with the XO-FLEX dental unit guarantee an optimal posture of professional, a clean work surface and effective organization.

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If you want to know more about AVANT system and the usefulness of this support for your practice, have a look here: avant system

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