Company Dental Art
Since 1973 Dental Art designs and manufactures cabinets and furniture for the dental industry.

Exclusive and personal Design, often unusual matching between classical, natural and synthetic last-generation materials, ceaselles innovation in its suggestions, are the special peculiarities of our products, whose implementation can rely on a creative team keen on architecture and harmonious development of the rooms. 

our priorities

Research, customer service, high tailored manifacturing and talent in designing and interpreting the customer’s needs from a different perspective: strong company values that contribute in giving Dental Art a key role in the international dental field. 

Company Dental Art
Company Dental Art
Open showroom

Our showroom is at your complete disposal. Come and visit us! We wait for you in our headquarter in Montecchio Precalcino (Vicenza) , to meet our designers and discuss about your ideas and projects or just only to get simple information about our products. For appointments: ph +39 0445 802000 or 

Not only for the dental field


Dental Art, as you can guess from its name, was born to supply the dental field, but in our catalogue you can also find products for other fields (like beauty, chemical analysis labs, etc), as well as for civilian use. 

Company Dental Art
Company Dental Art
Planning and prototyping service

Our team of technicians is able to manage the full development of a not specific Dental Art project, even by starting only from an idea up to the final prototype.

Being Italian and producing in Italy


A corporate philosophy that looks towards solid principles and values. A strategic choice to make the Made in Italy label its distinguishing feature. A strong tie with its territory. A “zero-kilometer” manufacturing process, with 90% of suppliers of the raw materials from the local area and with entirely in-house management and the strictest quality control standards. A social and ethical accountability. This, too, is Dental Art.

Company Dental Art