New spaces and colours: the first-visit room

26 November 2020 - Archivio

Interview with Francesco Zavattari, interior designer

The first visit room is a project that was born from Dr. Irene Monterotti to create a unique place in her dental practice, for the experience of the first visit.

A space to welcome patients, listen to them, understanding their feelings and their perspective. That’s why empathy is the key to build a therapeutic relationship between the dentist and their patients.

We asked a few questions to Francesco Zavattari, the interior designer who created room #5, giving particularity and the importance that this space takes on Studio Dentistico Irene Monterotti.

What was your first step to create this room?

When I approach any project I ask myself some useful questions to draw a line that, starting from my client and through my design, it goes to those who are the recipients of my work: the public.

There were other news in addition to the first visit room. How did you combine different works?

The extension project was based on a series of important starting points: her practice has a strong impact of interior design characterized by a balance between minimal aesthetics and total functionality connected to spaces and accessories.
Most of them, made by an excellence such as Dental Art, perform a double and relevant function: providing the best solution of space optimization and workflow to the staff and, at the same time, giving a strong connotation of design and quality to the entire room.
About colours, the practice already had its own tone: a vibrant point of cedar which evokes the medical field with a verve in line with my client.

My first contribution, on which all subsequent choices in terms of design and communication were based then, concerned the combination of a second colour with the original set: a particular teal tone declined in two different gradients to exalt and enhance the original cedar/neutral white combination.

Were all spaces involved from this new colour combination?

Exactly, even new service areas such as hallways and waiting corner for patients have been decorated with this palette and each tone has been combined to exalt, all shapes expected from the original architectural project, which was enriched by artworks to increase the pleasure of those who live these spaces.

Let’s get to the heart, how was the first visit room built?

If service areas introduce, it’s Room #5, the room of the first visit, which represents the point of arrival of what is requested by my client: a wide lighted room whose power is its balance, a large glass window to create further depth, irregular walls with moldings and elements that redesign corners by the contrast between cedar and teal. A design remarked by the accessories made by Dental Art: Fringe, the furniture with a modern and light style and Luna e l’Altro, two specific and original dispensers.

Was also furniture adapted to the new colour palette?

Of course, all elements have been rethought and completely adapted by my “SDIM 2.0” palette that I have specially created. A work that contributes to make Room #5 a unique and unmatched place in this industry.

It’s an accurate work, congratulations. One last question: I notice the particular room lighting. What does it mean?

It’s about an immersive light installation with draws lines and light segments. This installation provides a pleasant, decisive and homogeneous space lighting, but also promotes “Poliedro” concept, my most famous installation which join people and spaces. “Threads” that link professionalism, ambition, research and passion of those who work in this space, to trust by an audience that couldn’t be better received.


Talking to Francesco Zavattari has been a pleasure and really inspirational. We are sure it will be for you too!

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