Expodental Meeting 2024

23 May 2024 - Archivio

Rimini, Italy

Dental Art at the Expodental Meeting

From May 16 to 18, we took part in the Expodental Meeting in Rimini, the most important dental event in Italy.

During the exhibition, we had the opportunity to reconnect with many of you and meet new professionals interested in simplifying ergonomics and optimizing the workflow in dental practices.

Dental Art booth at Expodental Meeting 2024

Over the three days of the fair, we showcased the elegant and functional TAO + AVANT composition, the vibrant POP!, and the eagerly awaited new release: UNICA, the line dedicated to the sterilization room.

Ergonomics & Optimization

During the Expodental fair, AVANT SYSTEM celebrated its tenth anniversary with a day full of appointments, sparking interest and participation.

At Dental Art booth, Dr. Mario Semenza and Dr. Lorenzo Balsano conducted several demonstrations focused on ergonomics and workflow optimization in dental practices.

During these sessions, the two professionals provided attendees with practical demonstrations and several tips to improve professional activities. It was a unique and completely free training opportunity, useful for enhancing skills, discovering new work strategies, and optimizing the efficiency of dental practices.

The event marked a significant moment, reaffirming our commitment to supporting dental professionals with innovative and high-quality solutions.