Showroom | Versailles

“It is one of the most interesting projects of the last years.

When it was assigned to me, I was very glad about it, because I had the chance to do something stimulating and different from the ordinary work, by designing a big space as showroom and also as training room.  And this also symbolised the meeting point  between my work and my great passion for interior design.” (Roberta)

Customised spaces


Dental Art’s ability to customize every detail has been crucial in order to achieve the desired result that required us to maintain a high level of “visual” cleanliness and make the experience of buying and evaluating products almost similar to that of a boutique, using the shaped Corian table as the main distinctive element. We are all very proud of the result 😉 “


The exhibition space is furnished with EPTA Line, AVANT, Luna and the other.

“Perimeter” furniture: POLO line