Artedent – Dental Clinic

Munich, Germany

“We focus on full digital dentistry mainly in the dental 3D scanning to follow all orthodontic treatment phases, from the initial condition to the final result. This concept suits perfectly with both dental office and laboratory.

Dr. Paul Schuh, owner

A Dental Clinic in Munich

Artedent Dental Clinic is a cutting-edge dental practice in the Schwabing district of Munich. The mission of Dr. Paul Schuh together with his team is to offer a painless, safe and long-lasting treatment to patients. Precisely for this reason dentistry has been rethought, in a vision of perfect symbiosis with the latest technologies.

This clinic provides a digital dental 3D scanning which previews the orthodontic treatment progress up to the result. In this way the patient will immediately have an accurate idea of ​​the result.

The choice of Clinic Artedent

Using this advanced technology, Dr. Schuh considered essential to have an equally dental practice with ergonomic, durable and well-kept furnishings. Thanks to the suggestions of his colleagues, he discovered that Dental Art furniture features embraced the concept of ergonomics in the dental practice. After that, he decided to rely on Dietmar Menne for the design and construction of clinic Artedent, opened in May 2020.

Treatment room and laboratory furniture

In the treatment rooms there’s TAO line equipped with colourful tags and avant system mobile tray while in the dental laboratory, POLO line stands out with a customized composition and the CadCam desk.

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Where to find Clinic Artedent

instagram: @artedent_dentalclinic