Dr. Irene Monterotti Dental Clinic

Lucca, Italy

“Dental Art made a difference at my dental practice.

Ergonomics and organization are the basis of every detail and… details make the difference“


“Con Zero (one for each room strictly in color match) our patients can appreciate the care and attention we pay about hygiene. And we know, in this period it’s essential to store disposables in closed dispensers, sheltered from possible contamination“


“On the other hand, Fringe is the piece of furniture that perfectly combines essential with elegance. Its clean lines can be combined indefinitely, giving us the opportunity to create furniture solutions for each room“


“Luna e L’Altro are a young and dynamic solution for disposable and soap dispenser… with their original design, they capture the attention and stand out. A great solution that can be fully customizable by color combination.


Dr. Irene Monterotti

The first visit to the dentist is essential to know the health of our mouth and understanding how to prevent or solve specific problems. And Irene Monterotti, the owner of the homonymous dental practice near Lucca (Tuscany, Italy), she knows it well. That’s why she decided with her team to create a unique place, dedicated to the experience of the first visit.

A space to welcome patients, listen to them, understand their feelings, moods and their perspective. An essential empathy to build a therapeutic relationship between patients and the dentist.

Dr. Monterotti’s dental practice has a strong impact of interior design and colors: a touch of cedar to remind the medical-dental field with a verve that fits perfectly with the features of the office

The project of the first visit room, by the interior designer Francesco Zavattari, is based on the concrete research of the dentist and patient’s needs, on the feelings that Irene and her staff would like to convey to them when crossing the threshold of room 5 and also creating a balance between minimal aesthetics and total functionality about spaces and accessories.

A wide lighted room whose strength is its balance: a large window to create further depth, irregular walls with moldings and elements that redesign the corners, the contrast between cedar and teal, the second color added to the set to enhance the original cedar / neutral white combination.

A design remarked by the accessories made by Dental Art: the Fringe furniture with a modern and light mood, Luna e l’Altro, the half-moon shaped dispenser of disposable and the infrared soap or disinfectant gel dispenser.

This elegant furniture set has a double function: to provide the best solution of space optimization and workflow to the staff and at the same time give a strong connotation of design and quality to the entire space.

This set has been adapted to the requests of Dr. Monterotti concerning size and colors: a great accuracy work that contributes to make Room 5 a incomparable place, where Irene and her staff meet new patients, listen to them and understand them creating a connection that will lead them along the path.

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