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Munich, Germany

Would you call it Dental Lab?

Artedent is the innovative clinic in Munich that has chosen Dental Art to furnish its dental practice and laboratory. In the latest blog article (read here), we explored the creation of operating rooms but now we focus on the laboratory together with Fatih Birinci, the dental technician. Thanks to his valuable contribution, this conversation is full of ideas and advice that go far beyond furniture.

Creating this dental lab, Dr. Paul Schuh -the clinic owner-, Fatih and the others had very clear ideas right away. For all of them, it was important to set up a dental laboratory that did not have the appearance of it: an unusual request with a deep meaning.


“It was primarily important for us

to set up a dental lab that

does not look like a normal lab.”

The Lab Philosophy

To set up the lab, it was necessary to “create a style and cozy atmosphere like the one we experience at home”– explains Fatih. If the work environment is informal, it becomes easier to relax, share ideas and unleash creativity. Even the informal exchange with the team can be a moment of growth and great inspiration. Spontaneity, sharing of ideas and creativity are the key points to producing fantastic results.

Feel like an artist

Fatih feels like an artist, a dental artist. Patients in fact are different from each other in wishes, needs and… smiles. Nowadays it is important to adapt the approach from patient to patient, staying true to oneself and one’s stylistic trait, just like those works of art in which the artist’s hand is easily recognizable.

Digital Dentistry

Knowing how to constantly adapt to new things and being able to express skills and talent are the core elements of success in the workplace, especially in the era we are living in. Dentists and technicians cannot think of working in the same way as 30 years ago, in such a rapidly changing world.

Artedent Clinic has been in digital dentistry for almost 15 years ago “Anything new on the market is a challenge for us and gives us more courage to try out some new things” says Fatih, the dental technician.

“What will be much more difficult within digital dentistry is that many things may fail, but you also have an extremely fast learning curve.”

To succeeding in digital dentistry as in life, it’s essential to try and learn more every day. Motivation and perseverance are the best skills for achieving visions and making your dreams come true.

a chat with…

Fatih Birinci, dental technician of Clinic Artedent

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Munich, Germany

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