Dr. Felix Löffler Dental Practice

Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany

Metal, a choice that pays off over time

“I was looking for elegant and modern solutions and the research I carried out on furniture manufacturers led me to the question: metal or wood? I wanted a solid and durable furniture, so I chose metal.”

Dr. Felix Löffler

Wood or metal furniture?

Many dentists ask themselves this question when they decide to furnish their dental practice, whether new or recently renovated. A question that Dr. Felix Löffler has asked himself too, when he started searching the net for dental furniture manufacturers.

He wanted a solid and durable furniture, that’s why he chose metal, a material resistant over time and easy to clean. By its nature, metal is an effective barrier against environmental contamination and pathogen proliferation.

Suddenly, Dr. Löffler took into consideration all companies that use this material in furniture construction and the final choice brought him to us. A few months passed and after the completion of works, in January 2021, Löffler & Kollegen dental practice was opened in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany.

Choosing Dental Art

Dental room furnishings

In the treatment rooms you can see TAO line and WISH modular cabinet with disposables such as cups, napkins, hand sanitizer and masks.

… and sterilization room

In the heart of the office, the sterilization room, Fringe line and WISH stand out.

3 minutes with…

Dr. Felix Löffler