Dr. Oliver Schäfer Dental Practice

Tambach-Dietharz, Germany

A family-run dental practice, a tradition handed down from parents to children as a calling in the DNA.


This is the beginning of the story of Dr. Oliver Schäfer, who has been running the practice together with his brother since 2013. They took over the practice from their parents in a small town in central Germany. A story made of commitment and passion that five years ago led them to modernize the office, looking for furniture that fits their practical concept of Trays&Tubs.

This is where Dental Art comes in: thanks to the furniture equipped with AVANT system, we have helped to organize treatments and daily operations in order to carry out the profession as efficiently as possible. In the treatment rooms, the whole thing is prepared and coded in advance and materials are always ready at hand.


In terms of process and workflow, all consumables useful for treatment are put on the AVANT flexdesk® mobile tray that can be positioned very nicely towards the patient and turn it around depending on the situation, having all the instruments placed close to the dental unit.


Find out how Schäfer’s dental practice exploits the potential of Dental Art furniture to ensure maximum hygiene and organization for team and patients. Concepts taken up by Dr. Oliver Schäfer himself to german-speaking people through lectures.

Dr. Oliver Schäfer Dental Practice

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