Dr. Philipp Rechner Dental Practice

Deining, Germany

Dr. Philipp Rechner’s story is connected to that of Dr. Oliver Schäfer, which we talked about in the last blog post (click here to read it). After attending a webinar presented by Dr. Schäfer who spoke about workflow and ergonomics topics, Dr. Rechner decided to visit Schäfer’s dental office to assist his work and concretely verify the benefits anyone can get due to daily use of Dental Art furniture.

Time ran and in May 2021 Dr. Rechner has fulfilled his dream of opening a dental practice in Deining, in the German region of Oberpfalz.


Simple and puristic design

of furniture and accessories

Flexdesk®, the mobile tray

a flexible and reliable solution that helps coordinate and optimize your daily workflow

Highest integration

easy possibility of integrating Tubs and other devices into furniture

3 minutes with…

Dr. Philipp Rechner

Dr. Philipp Rechner Dental Practice

website: www.zahnarzt-deining.de

instagram: @dr.rechner.zahnarzt