Menne Dental Practice

Koblenz, Germany

 “I appreciate the ergonomics at work for professional and patient’s well-being. I chose Dental Art because thanks to TAO furniture workflow concept I have great support. In addition, especially nowadays, easy extractable trays and drawers hermetically sealed are a relevant factor to be reckoned with.”


Nico Menne

Nico Menne is a young dentist who opened his dental practice in Koblenz (Germany) recently. He decided to combine Dental Art furniture with Xo Care dental unit in order to integrate ergonomics and workflow concepts in his office.

Thanks to Avant system,  during the activity you can slide the tray without a hitch, having access to all instruments in any position and keeping the worktop free from clutter. In addition, through easy extractable multi-use trays and hermetically sealed drawers, contents are always protected. A big plus for a clinic, especially at this time!


In the treatment rooms we can find TAO line with avant system, while in the sterilization room ECCO cabinet stands out and in the dental laboratory POLO line. In each room, there are some accessories such as WISH modular dispenser for disposable products and KIPER piece of furniture perfect for containing personal belongings.

In this testimony, Nico Menne explains what prompted him to choose Dental Art for furnishing his dental practice and some benefits he’s getting in daily use.