Mooident Dental Practice

Bad Bentheim, Germany

“We transformed existing rooms into a modern dental practice. Our choice was Dental Art, aligning with my commitment to quality and prioritizing functional furnishings.”

Dr. Moritz Deters, founder of Mooident Dental Practice

A sophisticated approach to Dental Excellence

Nestled in the heart of Bad Bentheim, Mooident Dental Practice emerged in June 2021 through Dr. Moritz Deters’ passionate and dedicated vision. Representing the culmination of a clear and precise concept, the conversion of existing spaces birthed an avant-garde dental clinic designed to deliver top-tier dental care.

Furnishing precision with the TAO Line

Selecting Dental Art furniture to outfit the clinic underscores Dr. Deters’ dedication to providing treatment rooms with enduring furnishings. Opting for the TAO line reflects Dr. Deters’ pursuit of durability and functionality without compromise.

Seamless integration of the Tubs and Trays system

Incorporating the Tubs and Trays system into the practice contributes to optimized space utilization and ensures unparalleled operational fluidity. Beyond the quest for top-notch furniture quality, Dr. Deters’ decision to implement this system from Dental Art showcases his commitment to merging functionality and practicality. This guarantees an optimal workflow—an indispensable element in dental practices, where every detail contributes to delivering exceptional care.

Tailored design and refinements with Dental Art

With continuous support from Mr. Frank Wirtz and the Dental Art team, Dr. Deters adapted the original project, demonstrating flexibility and attention to detail. This responsiveness to the specific needs of each dentist underscores our dedication to those who entrust us with their vision. At Dental Art, we pledge to create a bespoke work environment, a reflection of our unwavering pursuit of excellence and client satisfaction.

Furnishings in Mooident Clinical Rooms

Treatment rooms are adorned with TAO line furniture in a total white version, featuring colored magnetic tags and the ergonomic mobile tray from the AVANT system. Customized modules from the TAO line seamlessly integrate into the Tubs and Trays containers, facilitating the organized storage of consumables. Additionally, the modular WISH showcase serves as an accessory dedicated to disposable products.

The Dentist’s Perspective

From concept to realization of the dental practice

In this section, dentists share insights into the behind-the-scenes of their projects, from the initial concept to the creation of welcoming dental environments, underscoring the integral role played by Dental Art in crafting functional and tailor-made spaces.

Mooident Dental Practice