store, charge, illuminate


In the Kid’s room or in the Hall, for your patients or for the spa.


The possibility of using Kiper are limitless: choose the best place to keep your objects, at home or outside.




Kiper container space is safe because is protected with key-locks.


It is perfect to group all the precious objects we have in our pockets and charge our phone, thanks to the 2 USB ports



Kiper is also an ambient light and a piece of furniture.


The power cord and the spacers included give you the freedom of reaching the power plug in the most creative way.


In the office and at home

With Kiper, daily organization is easier, and for kids it’s even more fun.

3 models


BASIC: storage, lock


CHARGE: storage, lock, charge contenitore, serratura,  (hub 2porte) caricabatteria


LIGHT&CHARGE: storage, lock, charge (double USB Hub), LED backlight

You can now also buy KIPER online on D’SIGN or on ARCHIPRODUCTS shop.

Arredamenti studi dentistici store, charge, illuminate