Protection and safety in small spaces

Minimalist design

Mono50 is a dispenser for gloves, masks and a disinfectant infrared dispenser.
The clean design and compact dimensions (W50 H37.5 D19cm) make it suitable for any environment: offices, shops, public and private spaces.

Safety first

All material is protected as it’s distributed from the bottom. Furthermore MONO50 is easy to sanitize because it is completely made of metal.

You can switch the position of internal dispensers, thee always visible icon allows you to recognize the content.

5 colours

MONO50 is available with the door in white and also in red, green, blue, black colours with matt finishing.
Frame and internal dispensers are painted in black with matt finishing.

Do you like Mono50? You can buy it here

MONO50 is only available online. You can buy it here and receive it in a few days.