Work the zirconium safely

Milly is compact, ergonomic and it is a true assistant. Its strong personality makes it a necessary element in every laboratory.

Milly is in 4 different models to satisfy all your needs and work practice.

Daily Comfort

Removable armrests in beech wood, removable front panel with magnet.

The wide and bright working surface is protected by a shatterproof glass 2+2mm thick and silicone sleeves. It also equipped with an air nozzle, pressure gauge and a Soft perforated mat to collect the process residues.

Air gap

At the end of the work you can easily clean your hands from the residues by activating the lateral “air gaps”.

MILLY: a milling box for every need



Better and faster work with an efficent storage

Two specific modules for the disk storage, always reachable and organized thanks to the shelves with integrated magnetic labels.