Avant System

The time you save is yours

A more efficient way of working

Add functionality to Dental Art furniture and discover a way of working and comfort level you’ve never experienced before.

The Avant system enhances your professionalism and the safety of your associates and patients.

Flexdesk®: full-length sliding desk

Only where and when it’s needed.

Without using mobile cabinets or other worktops, Flexdesk® increases the available space around you and your patient.

Right- or left-handed, two- or four-handed. The mobile tray follows your movements and the instruments are always there, at hand, right where you look for them.

Flexclip®: suction on flexdesk®

Bring the suction system into the cabinet, maintain proper posture.

With flexclip® the suction system is no longer located inside the dental chair, but is integrated into the cabinet and hooked to the tray, flexclip® follows its movement, improving ergonomics, flexibility and versatility. The hoses of the suction system are integrated and grouped together inside the cabinet. Flexclip® is compatible with the leading suction systems on the market.

Flexwall®: Safety against contamination of materials.

With flexwall® the consumables in use are stored in the large bottom drawer where they are protected at all times from environmental contamination.

Height and ergonomic position


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