Imitated and copied, nevertheless unique and unrepeatable

Sensational beauty

Clean, rigorous, and brave. Epta’s lines don’t go unnoticed and can be recognised anywhere.

The same lines that broke the mould when they were created are now a source of inspiration for all those who work in this industry. Essential shapes, bold design, vigorous signs.

Epta’s groundbreaking design is like nothing before or since.




Multiple personalities

Epta is expandable, adaptable, and as flexible as you like. In addition to a wide range of modules and accessories available in the catalogue, Epta can be customised in colours, shape, and setups. It really meets any requirement.

Around purity

Pure even in its substance. From its washable and sanitisable materials to precise manufacturing choices, such as its drawers with anti-dust brush and rounded internal corners, Epta is designed to allow for easy cleaning and perfect hygiene. All this ensures deep purity.

Technological heart

The excitement of being always ahead. Epta is ahead by nature and becomes Epta Movï, with a technological heart. The worktop makes room for the monitor, the safe compartment opens up by swiping the coded key over the sensor, and the electric drawers open with a simple touch. Epta makes the dreams you didn’t even know you had come true.


Add functionality to Dental Art furniture and discover a way of working and comfort level you’ve never experienced before.

The Avant system enhances your professionalism and the safety of your associates and patients.


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