To go beyond

Going beyond essentiality, innovation accessible to all

Dental Art philosophy concentrated into a sheer marquetry of lines and volumes.


Furniture quality and an innovative concept available at incredibly accessible prices.


In every space, useful and compatible everywhere

Fringe’s design is concrete and realistic. Designed and built with the professional in mind in order to create a space that encompasses the individual and allows him/her to do their very best.


Want to discover what Fringe can do for you? Ask here for a customized project.


Going beyond flexibility with function

Fringe’s unparalleled modularity easily adapts to your operational and logistics needs. Each and every corner of the office becomes a work area, thus taking the best advantage of the space and rationalizing organization.

Slim: height reduced cabinets for hanging installation.

If you prefer a hanging cabinet you can choose the cabinet with standard height (8 small drawers max) or slim (6 small drawers max).

Avant_system + Fringe

Add functionality to Fringe furniture and discover a way of working and comfort level you’ve never experienced before.

The Avant system enhances your professionalism and the safety of your associates and patients.


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