All you need is…

Freedom and creativity in your practice

Let the unique, young and cheerful look of our new POP! line bowl your over.

POP! is an explosion of energy, happiness and lightheartedness. Simply memorable. Hygiene, resistance and functionality are always there. Why should make any compromise with precision and reliability in your daily practice? Dental Art style turns to POP!

Don’t be afraid of taking centre stage

You are the main character on your dental practice stage. Enjoy the great applause for the passion and the expertise you show off daily.

POP! means accurate and comfortable gesture, and results in full-opening drawers and soft close as a standard, rounded interiors for easy cleaning and moulded sides to protect slides from dust.
And a very POP! design, of course.

It’s nice like that

Our new POP! line is a perfect match for professionals who wants to freely express their originality.

The handles design marks out the nonconformist spirit of our new POP! line. Aren’t you in love with their solid but soft look yet?
Going against the tide has never been so POP!

As you really want it

Don’t let its young and cheerful look misled your: our new POP! line is fully coherent with Dental Art metal furniture tradition.

Indulging your desires will always be our top priority. That’s why our new POP! line consolidates our tailoring approach. As if that were not enough, our team of designers remains at your disposable for any specific planning need. Your new workspace has never been so POP!

Pop! Collection: have you already chosen your next palette?

We are glad to introduce you a vibrant and periodically updated collection, with colorful and creative proposals,
for your next stylish and frilly cabinet.

⚠️ Under construction ⚠️

Pop! Album

Would you like to have a stress-free experience? Choose from our POP! Album compositions, designed to provide you with everything you need, with a creative touch that will encourage your curiosity.

Discover the compositions tailored for you.

In addition…

Accessories and supports for every need.


Download POP! catalogue.
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