Stay safe. Sterilized.

Dealing with problems linked to water use.

Water is a fundamental element and a substantial risk factor in the sterilization cycle.

Sterilport has taken decisive technical and structural steps to ensure water management is optimized.

Management and treatment of contaminated material

Sterilport enables you to eliminate or reduce biological risk – which is an innate part of dentistry – to the bare minimum. Created with the safety of dental professionals and patients in mind, Sterilport applies this principle to the collection, disposal and treatment of used instruments.

Optimized organization of operation line

Sterilization is a precise, delicate sequence of operations which must be rigorously adhered to.

Sterilport has been designed to guide you through each step in a logical, effective way.

No matter which brand or model of equipment you use, Sterilport brings perfect harmony to your workflow.

Handling emergencies

In order to guarantee safe sterilization for good, the equipment must undergo ordinary maintenance procedures.

However, issues may spring up at any time which require extraordinary interventions.

Here in lies the revolutionary nature of Sterilport – the system predicts the unpredictable, helping you to tackle problems quickly and logically.

Storage management and rationalization

Having all necessary equipment ready for use, in order and subdivided in a logical manner is the secret to working effectively, reducing downtime and boosting a dental surgery’s performance.

Sterilport is designed to optimize the important storage phase.


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